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              Pneumatic conveying

              Product description
              Pneumatic conveying, also known as air conveying, is a specific application of fluidization technology that uses the energy of air flow to transport granular materials along the direction of air flow in a closed pipeline. The pneumatic conveying device has simple structure and convenient operation. It can be used for horizontal, vertical or oblique conveying. During the conveying process, it can also carry out physical operations such as heating, cooling, drying and air classification or some chemical operations at the same time. Compared with mechanical transportation, this method consumes more energy, particles are easily damaged, and equipment is also vulnerable to abrasion. Materials with high water content, adhesion, or static electricity when moving at high speeds are not suitable for pneumatic transportation.
              The main characteristics of pneumatic conveying are large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, and higher conveying speed; it can be loaded at one place and then discharged at multiple places.

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