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              Ton bag unpacking machine

              Performance characteristics and uses
              The ton bag unpacking machine is divided into two types: manual bag unpacking and automatic bag breaking. Customers can choose the configuration of the ton bag unpacking machine according to whether the ton bag needs to be recycled.
              The main structural features are:
              (1) It is composed of hanging bag device, flapping device, jacket discharge device, bracket, dust collector, iris valve, buffer bin, control box and other parts;
              (2) It can be equipped with automatic bag breaking device (when ton bags need to be recycled, this configuration can be cancelled and the bag is designed to be manually unpacked);
              (3) The feeding hopper is equipped with a roller screen to prevent foreign matter from falling into the next section;
              (4) Equipped with an independent dust collector to collect dust in a centralized manner, effectively reducing dust from feeding materials;
              (5) Large area.
              This ton bag manual unpacking machine is suitable for unpacking and unloading of 0.3~2t heavy-ton bagged powder and granular materials, and is widely used in chemical, plastics, sewage treatment, infrastructure and other industries.
              General technical parameters
              Voltage: 380V, AC, 3 phase
              Air source pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
              Air consumption: 250L/min
              Unpacking capacity: ~10 packs/h

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