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              Manual pouch unpacking machine

              Performance characteristics and uses
              The main structural features are:
              (1) The feeding port is equipped with a platform to facilitate the stacking of material bags;
              (2) A dust collector is arranged above the feeding hopper to effectively reduce dust on the feeding site;
              (3) The feeding hopper is equipped with a grill to prevent foreign matter from falling into the next section;
              (4) Small footprint and low equipment noise.
              This small bag manual unpacking machine is suitable for unpacking and unloading 25kg, 50kg bags of powder and granular materials, and is widely used in chemical, plastic, sewage treatment, infrastructure and other industries.
              General technical parameters
              Voltage: 380V, AC, 3 phase
              Air source pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
              Air consumption: 600L/min

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