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              Metering screw conveyor

              Performance characteristics and uses
              The metering screw conveyor is divided into O-type and U-type metering screw conveyors.
              The main features are:
              (1) The metering screw conveyor is not suitable for materials that are corrosive, highly viscous, easy to agglomerate, and contain excessive impurities, or the working environment temperature is lower than -20°C or higher than 200°C, conveying materials with rough surfaces, or easily Broken materials are not suitable;
              (2) The spiral body has many forms of left-handed and right-handed, and the inlet end and outlet end of the wall-type bearing seat can be interchanged, and the process flexibility is large;
              (3) Suitable for horizontal conveying or inclined conveying conditions close to horizontal (inclination angle ≤ 20°);
              (4) The weighing and measuring screw conveyor can measure the dynamic conveying volume, the measurement error is not high, and the measured weight is only for reference;
              (5) Small footprint.
              This metering screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal transportation of powder and granular materials and is widely used in industries such as chemical industry, feed, plastics, sewage treatment, and infrastructure.
              General technical parameters
              Voltage: 380V, AC, 3 phase

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